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Gestartet von: EichelUnter Jun 26 2012, 08:14
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Jun 26 2012, 08:14
The player should not have to click on 66 to win. The program should award the win when the player has enough points. Today I held the trump marriage, clicked the marriage token, but then forgot to click on 66 and instead led one of the marriage partners.

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Sep 26 2014, 22:43
same problem here.
Is it possible to fix it?

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Nov 24 2015, 23:45
similar problem today. claiming a trump marriage put me up in the 70s for the Bummerl, but I couldn't click on 66 until i got the lead back. As soon as computer got above 66, it claimed the win :-(

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Nov 28 2015, 00:11
also, if I reach 66 before the computer takes any tricks, I should receive 3 game points, not have to wait until the computer takes a trick so I only score 2...